Moving away from home seemed like a daunting experience two weeks ago. However since moving from the home which I lived in with my mum and two younger brothers in Edinburgh, I have loved the independence I have gained in living away from home.

When I left Portobello High School in 2010, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to study an area in art, however didn’t feel ready to apply for uni and defiantly didn’t feel ready to move away from home. Instead I enrolled at Edinburgh’s Telford College to study art for a year. At 19 I was still unprepared to move away from home (something I knew I would have to do if I were to study art, as I really didn’t fancy ECA.) I then went on to study fashion and textiles at Telford. The course made me realise that textiles was an area I loved and gave me the push I needed to apply for uni.
I am now 20, and am studding textile design at DJCAD.

Although I miss the comfort of living at home (and not having to spend the few pennies I earn working at Matalan part-time, on buying washing up liquid and boring stuff like that,) I love this independent living I am now experiencing and the joys of not having to come home to a house of extremely irritating (but lovely) brothers.

I can’t say that in my spare time I enjoy aload of interesting hobbies, because I don’t. What I do enjoy doing is meeting up with friends and having a few drinks (or lots of drinks) down the pub!


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