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Literature Review – Part 2 and Summary

Literature Review – Part 2 – ‘Big Brother at Work’ This article is mainly about the benefits of using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and Location-Based Services (LBS) to track employees who travel whilst working. The main users of these devices would be the transportation industry who has been using them for over ten years. […]

Literature Review

“Good to be home? Time-use and satisfaction levels among home-based teleworkers”  This research and evidence based article develops the positive and negatives of working from home from both male and female statistics through the social aspects, pay rate and work to rest ratio. The article is divided into three main sections, those that choose to […]

Literature Review

Literature Review- Isobel Jones Reinventing the Workspace and Dealing with Interruptions Article Summary: Worthington,  J 1997, New Patterns of Work: Design in the Office, Reinventing the Workplace, p.33 Many current workspaces are designed without any thoughts to the new characteristics in the working environment itself. Radical changes in the 1980s-1990s involving IT have encouraged […]

Literature Review

‘Travel tech: Make your phone work magic when you’re abroad’ If you’re often travelling abroad on business, there are many factors which can make the journey stressful. This article demonstrates the different ways in which using a smartphone can make a trip much more efficient. One of the most stressful things about travelling is spending […]

Literature Review – Part 1

Literature Review – Part 1     ‘NOTES ON: GPS TECHNOLOGY; EMPLOYEE MONITORING ENTERS A NEW ERA’ This journal article discusses the use of Global Positioning System technology and other tracking systems to monitor employees in the workplace and whilst travelling during working hours.  It is grouped into five different sections and goes into more detail about specific […]

Lit Review – kendal

GPS in the workplace and employees privacy As technology has advanced over the years it is becoming common in the workplace. One of these technologies is GPS tracking which allows employers to see where their vehicles, property and employees are. This poses some issues in terms of privacy for the employees, as their every move […]