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21st Century Designer – Taylor Flynn

For our first task we had to bring in 5 photos of either our childhood or our house and these would be analysed by a group of our classmates. I chose photos of my childhood as I felt a bit uncomfortable having photos of my house judged. Each group was partnered up with another and […]

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Research Here’s a couple of links about the Creative Dundee Christmas Party event thing..

Literature Review – Part 2 and Summary

Literature Review – Part 2 – ‘Big Brother at Work’ This article is mainly about the benefits of using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and Location-Based Services (LBS) to track employees who travel whilst working. The main users of these devices would be the transportation industry who has been using them for over ten years. […]

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Literature Review – Part 1

Literature Review – Part 1     ‘NOTES ON: GPS TECHNOLOGY; EMPLOYEE MONITORING ENTERS A NEW ERA’ This journal article discusses the use of Global Positioning System technology and other tracking systems to monitor employees in the workplace and whilst travelling during working hours.  It is grouped into five different sections and goes into more detail about specific […]

Annotated Bibliography

Alleven, M. (2006). Big Brother at Work. Available: Last accessed 25th Oct 2012. This article is about location-based services (LBS) offered by wireless communication carriers. A number of employees that are using global positioning system mobile phones or tracking devices are finding the LBS to be useful when it helps them doing their jobs […]