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Video Star Medal: Gluten Free Packed Lunch


First draft of presentation speech

Working from home has become very popular, especially within our disciplines. It enables you to work in your preferred hours and in a space accustomed to your environment. However, a problem commonly associated in this new way of working, is to do with the social side of things. Research shows that face to face communication is the […]

Adidas Office Interior

Literature Review

Literature Review- Isobel Jones Reinventing the Workspace and Dealing with Interruptions Article Summary: Worthington,  J 1997, New Patterns of Work: Design in the Office, Reinventing the Workplace, p.33 Many current workspaces are designed without any thoughts to the new characteristics in the working environment itself. Radical changes in the 1980s-1990s involving IT have encouraged […]


Annotated Bibliography Communication in the Workplace: Work Environments/ Spaces Isobel Jones • O’Conaill, B and Frohlich, D 1995, Timespace in the Workplace: Dealing With Interruptions, CHI ’95 Mosaic of Creativity, p.262-263 Talks of ‘timespace’, which is the intervals of time in which individuals organise their work, and its effect on workers and the working […]

Mind Map: Indoor Working Environment

My mind map produced on ‘FreeMind’ looking at particular aspects of the INDOOR WORKING ENVIRONMENT which may manipulate communication in the workplace.

Literature Review

Our chosen problem in The Workplace is COMUNICATING IN THE WORKPLACE. Our areas to then look into INDIVIDUALLY are: GPS (Kendal and Taylor), Environments (Christine and Izzy), Social Media (Heather), Travel (Vaila).