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How to make the perfect meringue


Book Review

I am the last person anyone would think of to read any book especially a sort of arrogant read on how to be better and influence others on how good you are but I was drawn in by the lack of pages, the large typography and full page images. Paul Arden’s guide on ‘It’s not […]

06/11/2012 Prgoress

The Concept A software system that would take over a normal computer uses and become more of a “work desktop”. So it would be a usual item that was clicked on on the desktop which started up the work desktop, this would have only certain features , work software, limited internet, sharing folders, a work […]

Something to entertain

Literature Review

“Good to be home? Time-use and satisfaction levels among home-based teleworkers”  This research and evidence based article develops the positive and negatives of working from home from both male and female statistics through the social aspects, pay rate and work to rest ratio. The article is divided into three main sections, those that choose to […]



1)       Darren Sharon. 15/08/2011. Aviation week & space technology. Available: Last accessed: 29/10/2012 This article details how Ian Dawkins sees Intel Flight communication technology. He states that not all people are bothered by the lack of connectivity on flights all though most people would benefit from being able to text and email whilst in […]