21st Century Designer – Taylor Flynn

For our first task we had to bring in 5 photos of either our childhood or our house and these would be analysed by a group of our classmates. I chose photos of my childhood as I felt a bit uncomfortable having photos of my house judged. Each group was partnered up with another and after the photos were analysed, we had to meet up and discuss our findings. In preparation for this project we were to read ‘Snoop’ by Sam Gosling which offers in insight into how people show their personalities by how they arrange their offices, bedrooms etc. At first I was intrigued and excited to analyse other peoples’ photos but then thought about them looking at my photos and wondered what I’d unknowingly given away about myself.



This is an example of a ‘Johari Window’ which was the next part of this task and this is when we met up with our partner group to discuss all our findings. Everything the other group said about me was accurate and it was interesting how much the photos gave away but also my action of choosong those photos gave away a lot. It was a little uncomfortable telling the other group what we thought of them based soley on the photos they gave, and not everything we said was agreed with, but that’s the point I guess, you can’t tell what a person is like just from their possessions or what they look like in a photo.

After doing this exercise, I am more aware of how people judge and are judged by others and the ways in which we let our personalities show, even if we don’t know it.



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