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Literature Review

“Good to be home? Time-use and satisfaction levels among home-based teleworkers”  This research and evidence based article develops the positive and negatives of working from home from both male and female statistics through the social aspects, pay rate and work to rest ratio. The article is divided into three main sections, those that choose to […]

Annotated Bibliography This source looks at the selection of communication channels in the workplace, and investigates the factor of wither the age of the employee determines how effective they view a communication tool. A survey was carried out and the results showed no significant difference in the views of both the generations surveyed. However, this survey […]

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1)       Darren Sharon. 15/08/2011. Aviation week & space technology. Available: Last accessed: 29/10/2012 This article details how Ian Dawkins sees Intel Flight communication technology. He states that not all people are bothered by the lack of connectivity on flights all though most people would benefit from being able to text and email whilst in […]

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Literature Review

Literature Review- Isobel Jones Reinventing the Workspace and Dealing with Interruptions Article Summary: Worthington,  J 1997, New Patterns of Work: Design in the Office, Reinventing the Workplace, p.33 Many current workspaces are designed without any thoughts to the new characteristics in the working environment itself. Radical changes in the 1980s-1990s involving IT have encouraged […]