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Barriers to Changing Working Culture

people don’t like change – change of routine confusing too complicated expensive – cost staff make mistakes – planning going wrong – back to basics ( process of how things work) technology/ skills – lack of knowledge – moving to fast for people managers feeling threatened by the process of change lack of understanding of […]

Trends Affecting The Workplace

taking your children to work mass production less quality technology driven working on the go ( iphones / ipads/laptops) working from home video conference twitter skype communication and opinions machines replacing jobs which required a hands on approach redundancy due to recession fitness and health in the workplace power naps chillout zones comfort pensions ( […]

Workplace – Meaning of work

a space to go to to focus on work without everyday distractions a place where colleges can work and interact with each other if need advice help etc bounce of people ideas situations – you can be face to face

Needs and Wants from the Workplace

travel at work flexi-time mobile/internet workplace office outdoors/at home take kids to work comfort and pleasant work area inspired workplace ( information about the company/workplace how its doing acomplishments etc communication with management on a regular basis understanding the workplace and its aims

How to Empathise in the Workplace

shadowing talking survey ( free online) own experiences family and friends blogs/articles bug companies /google/pixar facebook offices observe make mini reports learning services older and younger views 3 main ages cat – current workers future workers retired worker

25/09/12 Session

Sorry took so long battled with my internet.